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my name is Channing

I recently graduated from Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service with a B.S.F.S. in International Politics with a focus in U.S. Foreign Policy & Processes and minors in Religion, Ethics & World Affairs and Chinese. I am also a second-year M.A. candidate in Georgetown's Security Studies Program, concentrating in Tech and Security with a certificate in Asian studies.I’m passionate about understanding U.S.-Asia relations, advocating for religious dialogue, and engaging in social impact-driven work. I’m fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, and English.

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My first book, Stronger Than Trust: Igniting the Faith Within Us was published in April 2021.I've co-hosted a podcast called The Big Brown Bag: Candid Career Conversations with Alec and Channing and frequently write for various publications on topics of foreign policy, culture, and faith.

I have unique experience working at the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP), Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), U.S. Department of State, US-Asia Institute, Biden for President, and the U.S. House of Representatives.Since 2016, I have sat on the Executive Board of the Orange County Debate League and have previously volunteered for Advance OC, APIAVote, Pathways of Hope, HOBY California, and more.

Hailing from Southern California, I always strive to be an informed citizen, activist, and servant leader in my community.When I'm not burying myself in work, you can find me creating art, making music, or traveling around the world.

Debut Book

Stronger Than Trust :
Igniting the Faith Within Us

Stronger Than Trust: Igniting the Faith Within Us is a book about faith—but not in the way most people perceive it. I wrote this book because there is so much negativity in the world—so much hatred, so much division, and so much polarization—yet we seem to lack faith. I felt compelled to write about an alternative to that: a mindset of faith.My hope is that, after reading this book, you will discover that faith can come in all different forms and that you can and should find faith in your own life. In this book, I hope to instill in you the same passion and excitement that I have for my own faith, which happens to be religious. Ultimately, I want you to see this book as a tool to help you better understand the importance of faith in the modern world and how it is everything but outdated.Stronger Than Trust: Igniting the Faith Within Us is a nonfiction book that speaks to people of all backgrounds and ages—although young people especially—who want to look at faith in the modern world in a new way. It was published in April 2021 by New Degree Press and is available where most books are sold. The audiobook was published in November 2021.

Praise for Stronger Than Trust

“In Stronger Than Trust: Igniting the Faith Within Us, Channing Lee offers an engaging reflection on faith through vivid stories of diverse people who have faced different challenges and opportunities. Through these stories Channing deepens the reader's understanding of what faith in action can look like from a variety of angles. Stronger than Trust is for anyone interested in how faith plays out in real life.” — Kim Daniels, Co-Director, Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, Georgetown University“In Stronger Than Trust, Channing Lee brings a heartfelt voice to the modern-day discussion about faith. She touches on different elements that are relatable and endearing to today’s members of the faith community and provides inspirational guidance for the next generation.” — Katie Nguyen Kalvoda, Founder of Asian Americans Rising“Channing tells her stories with honesty and grace. A wonderful read.” — Jasmine Nguyen, Co-Founder of Diversify Our Narrative“Channing’s strong personal integrity, character, and passion for life and those around her shine through in her writing. Her careful thought, drive, and enthusiasm never cease to inspire those around her.” — Mary Sue Bissell, President at US-Asia Institute“Channing’s heartfelt message about faith and perseverance is inspirational for many readers who want to seek purpose in their life. Her book brings a holistic perspective to the various raw experiences that help us, as people, make the most of what we have and look forward to the future.” — Victor Ye, Founder of UnTextbooked & InnovaYouth, Social Entrepreneur“Channing Lee thoughtfully and carefully explores the myths and commonly associated beliefs associated with religion and, more importantly, faith. She makes faith, and her story, inclusive and accessible for everybody.” — Chris O’Reilly, Author of Seeking Adversity“A beautiful, authentic book that affirms that faith is not simply a personal moment — it’s a collective journey.” — Ellena Hyeji Joo, Author of Into the Unknown: Human Curiosity, Politics, and Prejudice in the True Space Age“Channing Lee’s book Stronger Than Trust is not only phenomenally written, but also highly captivating. Given its sincerity, her message is widely applicable to a global audience. I’d recommend a read for anyone in search of a fresh perspective on hope!” — Bora Oztekin, President of the Orange County Debate League“Revisiting faith for the modern world as a means of unifying and reigniting humanity in the belief of something greater than the individual self is beautifully examined by Channing Lee. She clears up old notions and explores how we can access confidence that a better future is in store for us all.” — Pasqualina Coppola, Author of Becoming an Empowered Patient

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The Big Brown Bag: Candid Career Conversations with Alec and Channing

Co-hosted by Alec Bohlman and Channing Lee, The Big Brown Bag: Candid Career Conversations with Alec and Channing is a special 5-part podcast produced by the US-Asia Institute that explores unique career opportunities in which Asian Americans and Americans from other backgrounds have thrived.Like during a “brown bag” lunch, the podcast aims to chat with successful Americans from various backgrounds and fields who can share some insight, advice, and guidance with young people. Guests include Amy Lee Segami, Marc Futernick, Konrad Ng, and Henry David Hwang.You can listen to our podcast on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and Google podcasts.

On AiR: IR in the age of AI
with Ngor Luong

S4E12: China’s AI Investment Activity in SE Asia with Ngor Luong and Channing LeeIn this episode, Chris talks with Ngor Luong and Channing Lee of the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) at Georgetown University about their recently published report, Chinese AI Investment and Commercial Activity in Southeast Asia.

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Conversation Six
with Emily Weinstein

In this episode of Conversation Six, Emily Weinstein of Georgetown University's Center for Security and Emerging Technology and I discuss the contribution of China's state key laboratory system to its domestic innovation strategy and overall science and technology planning.The six-minute feature can be found here.



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